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I am from Mississippi, We are known as the Hospitality State. I am here to tell you there is great hospitality in the state of South Dakota. I and my groups have been making the 22 hour drive to the Pheasant Fest facilities for about 5 years now. I can tell you that I would not make that long trip if it wasn't worth it. The hunting is great, but more important is the atmosphere of the place when you get there. You feel like part of the family. You actually have a name and most of the people there know you by name. The facilities are great, the food is outstanding, the rush of my daily career is left behind, in Mississippi, and the people are friendly. These factors made me make a commitment to my Mississippi groups. "We will continue to make the October trip to Cresbard, South Dakota and hunt with the good folks at Pheasant Fest and long as they will have us"!!!

I am a Wildlife and Fisheries Agent in Mississippi and I get the opportunity to hunt and fish all over this great country, but one trip that I look forward to most each year is visiting with the folks at Pheasant Fest and walking the fields of South Dakota Hunting the Ring-necked Pheasant. My hope is that I get to make the trip to hunt and visit with my great friends in Cresbard South Dakota for many more years!!

Bill Maily
Wildlife and Fisheries agent, Raymond, Mississippi